Monday, September 14, 2009

The Duhks You Don't See It currently my favorite song

If I could show you how I feel I’d hear sweet heaven sing your song
But I watch you from afar And my luck keeps draggin’ on
Well you eyes keep me up all night you know they’re stranded on my mind
I want to get to love you one kiss at a time

But you don’t see--you don’t see it,
you don’t know --you don’t feel it,
you don’t come you don’t suffer you don’t fall like the rain.
Love has so many faces; and I wonder what my place is.
Before you get to love me, a few hearts have got to break.

Wish I could set your nights on fire.
Wish the passion there were grown
Everybody loves you and I’ve strung my heart along
I can’t wait forever I can’t break my hear like that
So why not call me in off your worn out welcome mat



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  1. oh oh oh ! i love it too! you make me love it! thanks for sharing! happy blogging jacob!